Students in the Kajonkiet International School Phuket (a.k.a. KISP) liked the STEM day a lot. The theme was to make a bridge out of recycled materials. The teams were mixed with different years but not the Key Stages. Key Stage 1 with Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 with Key Stage 2 and the secondary students together which makes Key Stage 3 & 4. The secondary students had something special. They had to make a slogan containing the words: Renewable, Education and Bridge. A secondary team won the Key Stage 3 & 4 competition for the best slogan. The requirements were weight, length and beautiness. The winning team had won by the longest bridge and the best slogan. It was shiny and beautiful but maybe less beautiful than some other bridges. Next year’s STEM Day will be cooler since the teams will be smaller so more team members will be able to participate in the day and plus, the name will change from STEM (Science Technology Education Mathematics) to STEAM (Science Technology Education Art Mathematics).


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